CLARITY's Alignment Triangle

CLARITY's Alignment Triangle

A message from our founder, Hitzel Trejo, enjoy!

My time off was an amazing opportunity to unwind my mind, spirit, and soul. I am replenished. To give, one needs to delve deeper and find moments of truth and inspiration, whatever that means for you (or me). I am back with many learnings. That’s what leaving your “normal” environment is all about. You leave as one person A…and return as a person B. Amazing, huh!?
As I spent my days in Northeastern Quebec, I discovered a beautifully wild and raw nature. I learned so much about myself and understood even better how I am evolving as a human being.
While travelling is awesome, it can be demanding too. I felt I was in the middle of nowhere, yet I was in front of the most splendid nature: raw and pristine. During one of my daily walks on the shore, I found this rock. It had been broken and shaped into a triangle.
My first reaction was: “Wow! How cool is that!?". I wondered how it acquired this unusual shape. My voracious curiosity was acting as a detective, wondering where it came from and how long it had taken for some mysterious force to shape it like this. But, truth be told, it was heavy! I had to sit down to hold it. Not even to mention the harsh, almost freezing, weather too.
I spontaneously called this piece the "balanced triangle."
Here is my interpretation of it:
You and I are at the center of the inner square. Then, the three outer triangles could be what's important for you.

In my case, it goes like this:
1) self-love
2) growth
3) human connection
As life happens, the flow can go either to the left or right, fast or slow. But the point is that I need to have all three aspects simultaneously of becoming balanced and staying aligned. I don't sacrifice one for the others. So the triad remains constant, although the proportions will vary from time to time, of course. Those nuances are to be expected and a good thing, actually.
What does it mean for you?

How do you personally interpret it?

What does your own “balanced triangle” look like?
Share your thoughts. Don't be shy! 

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