WHO we are

CLARITY is a conscious business led by women and ICF Certified Professionals Coaches.



Our customers are living proof of our commitment, service, and together we contribute to the betterment of society.


Our Promise

Regain your peace of mind, perspective and alignment in 60 minutes.


Coaching & Training

Whether it's life, career or team coaching, there is a solution for your needs. And, if you are looking to satisfy a deep need to live life to the fullest, we have a program for you.


Social Impact

We give back to society by supporting underserved individuals and communities to reduce inequalities and achieve a more sustainable life for all of us on the planet. WE BELIEVE in equal opportunities for ALL.


CLARITY Foundation

We give back 25% of our profits to non-profit organizations that work with underserved communities.


Our Origins

It was founded out of a deep need to contribute concretely to social change by providing empowerment and perspective to those who lack CLARITY.


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How much clarity can I get in a training?

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