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Clarity initiative is a social conscious business that exists to help individuals expand their awareness for major life events. We coach and train our customers to get perspective when they are stuck in a rut. Typically they experience any of the following states: Mental confusion, emotional turmoil, and loss of energy.

We help individuals expand their awareness for major life-changing events. We are courageous, bold, honest and, most importantly, authentic. We accomplish our mission (i.e.,bringing clarity and perspective, both efficiently and judgement-free). 

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We train and coach clients to get perspective when they are stuck in a rut. Our clients, like any other human being, experience mental confusion, emotional turmoil, and loss of energy. And, when you experience these states, life becomes heavy. You have a hard time thinking, processing, and even digesting what is thrown your way. To help you overcome that, we create a sacred, judgement-free, respectful, peaceful space for you to express what’s meaningful and important to you. We allow you to be vulnerable, in order for you to open up as who you really are. We want you to become authentic. Because, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with you. In our eyes, you are already complete and whole!.

How We Do It

Customers are accompanied through the process. They make their realizations by making sense of what they are experiencing

We teach concrete self-management tools

We ensure they experience those tools, through certified professional coaching, so they become autonomous in preparation for their next challenge

                                 How it works?

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Clients also benefit from having contributed to society in a meaningful way in the knowledge that a portion of their professional fees will go towards supporting those that are not in a position to afford similar support.

Clarity's social impact is to serve vulnerable communities, youth, women, persons with disabilities, immigrants,  black and indigenous communities.  

Clarity is ready to partner with organizations and not-for-profits to strengthen their initiatives and programs with its current offering. 

Bring CLARITY is our mission;
Expand AWARENESS is our vision;
INCLUSION is our passion,
And, SERVICE is our heart.