A social impact entrepreneur, and immigrant who believes in leading by example. Albeit an international communication- marketing professional by training within international development sectors, she experienced unspoken domestic violence.

Her story is enriched with inspiration: from surviving an unstable spouse, developed strength to stop the abuse, to developing resilience under the most extreme adverse circumstances. Throughout her journey, she has learned that “is one who empowers oneself“, hence her constant discovery to develop self-agency tools to overcome her challenges. She has also learned that knowledge plus application is the key to moving forward in times of uncertainty and excruciating pain. As she evolved in her process, she was able to rebuild herself from the ashes by re-coding mental mechanisms, thinking processes, energetic levels and, of course, being inspired by other leaders, too.

In addition, she actively delved into understanding how the human psyche works, emotional intelligence, and became a professional certified coach with one of the most prestigious schools and professional master coaches in Canada. She is an active member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Today she intends to use her voice to raise awareness through her  skills training programs, CLARITY. The initiative trains those undergoing difficult times on how to turn challenges into actionable self-management skills to become their best fulfilled versions while contributing to society. Not to be ruled by circumstances but rather being accountable upon one’s life. She believes that we all humans have the potential to contribute to the betterment of humanity by taking concrete actions.



A proactive, purposeful, and attentive senior executive with vast experience after many years of work experience in Fortune 500 corporations, in various functions and industries, ranging from industrial B2B sales, business development, international market development, executive search, talent acquisition in retail and as entrepreneur.  

Today she is working as a Team  and Leadership coach. She is also a certified trainer and coach of Richardson Consultative selling skills and had broad experience in training and coaching retail sales teams. 

She is passionate about coaching and partnering with organizations and individuals who want to discover their authenticity, unleash their potential, and co-create a coaching culture that will empower individuals and teams to thrive. She advocates building emotional intelligence capacity and awareness in areas of diversity, inclusion in the workplace and in society. 

Eva hold a B.A, in social science and counselling Psychology from Concordia University. She has completed with distinction her coaching training. A believer of continuous learning, she has also completed the Certificate in the science of well-being from Yale University. She is ACC, International Coaching Federation (ICF) global and ICF Greek Chapter.      



An empathetic resilient woman, caring mother, devoted spouse, and seasoned teacher with more than 25 years of human interaction under her belt. She is an empowered professional who lives her values attentively. She understands the importance of a well-balanced life when challenges appear. Having gone through her own challenges, she’s able to connect with others with ease. Being well organized and structured has been a huge asset in reaching her goals while also helping others achieve their goals.

Becoming a certified professional coach was a great journey for Julia; it allowed her to follow her passion for servicing others who need support, structure or empowerment. All the while, teaching full time and looking after her mother with dementia.

Being a black professional woman in a teaching world taught her life lessons to ‘never give up’, to thrive even when the current is not flowing your way due to the perception of others. To this day, she had lived experiences of emotional abuse in the workplace, which at the time were not even identified as such, but now she uses her voice to express her viewpoints, opinions and feelings.

Julia is a passionate advocate about supporting others to find themselves, to speak up about their experiences, and tap into their full potential. Clients have remarked that her positive energy and action-oriented personality combined have contributed to the comfort and ease they experience while being coached.


A compassionate young woman, environmentally-conscious citizen, advocate for social justice, true friend who believes that equality should be a given in today’s working environment. Currently a student in the undergraduate Psychology program at McGill University with a minor in Behavioral science and another one in Political science.

She believes mental health should be a priority in a well- balanced life, she aims to support her future clients from a place of deep care and self-agency.

Albeit, still a student, she has already rolled her sleeves up. As an example, she  joined the Montreal-based Face à Face help line, and Global Shapers Montreal as a member of one of their important initiatives.



An empathetic young woman, global citizen, problem-solver who proposes alternatives to support communities to become more inclusive and resilient through the support of social innovation models, and tools. Recognized for her academic excellence and her pursuit to thrive while contributing to meaningful and purposeful projects.

She believes that we are in this world to serve others and that we need to share our talents and abilities to create a better world. She deeply believes in empathy and active listening, which are meaningful tools to help others develop the best version of themselves. For her, it is essential to accept and love ourselves in order to support others.

Albeit, still a student, she has already served with diverse associations, and the University community through diverse young leader’s initiatives, like “Drivers of Change”, “Re-writing your future”, “Consejo de Residentes”, Volunteering in “Seamos todos” a not-for-profit organization, and the association “Unión Coahuilense”.