1. Who I contact to book my exploratory conversation?
Send an email to
2. How fast can I get my booking?
Right away, it will depend on your agenda and office availability.
3. How much clarity can I get in a training?
As much as you will want to work during the booking time.
4. Who are the sessions conducted by?
You will work with a certified professional coaches who will listen to you and work towards your aiming aspirations during the session. 
5. Can I reschedule my session?
There is a policy of 48 hrs. prior to your session to request a new date for your session. 
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Before Ordering

What's coaching?

Coaching harnesses client's strenghts and resources through action-oriented developmental dialogue. So to say, client's move from intention to goal-attainment through an inspired and empowering relationship with their coach.

Is coaching therapy?

No, it's not. If there is deep trauma and needs healing from extreme circumstances, it's better to seek a professional therapist who's trained to deepening the healing process. If you experience this it means you're not a coachable client, now.

What sort of topics can be work in coaching session?

For LIFE coaching any topic that is relevant in your life now, can be disccussed.

For CAREER coaching how making transitions to your new career or shifting industries.

Virtual & In-Person Coaching Sessions

What's the duration of a coaching session?

Every single session last 60 minutes from beginning to end.

Can sessions be in a hybrid model?

Yes, if you are allocated where are our coaches are based. Otherwise, the standard method is remotely through videoconferencing.

Is there any requirement to hold in-person coaching sessions?

No, other than follow government local health and public measures.


Sustainable Development Goals

We fully operate with the UN Sustainable Development Goals with our Coaching and Training. You can reffered to each product to know what goals are you supporting by buying with us.


We understand our role and responsability in every action that we do, so we have high standards when it comes to our coaching sessions and training program.

We ensure your experience with us is CLEAR, and meet your expectations as we bring CLARITY to you during the process.

What are you doing to be more sustainable?

We partake diverse networks who have established concrete strategies to achieve sustainability and give back to organizations in need.

For example we are an active member of 1% Pledge.