Social Impact

For us at CLARITY, a mission is not fluff or theory. We want to create an impact. Therefore, we developed our mission based on our core beliefs and values.

Simply put, minimizing social differences and inequalities for a fairer society . We believe that every human being is here to contribute, not be a victim. Thus, in order to contribute they need to be accountable and reach their full potential. That’s where we come into play. 

At CLARITY we believe that money is not a goal, but rather a tool that can and should be used to do good. A consequence we take our commitment with respect, responsibility and professionalism.

We also have pledged to use or social good to align our company to the sustainable development goals (SDGs).


  • By providing inclusive, high-quality, financially accessible coaching.
  • Above all by making it accessible to virtually everyone, youth, women, persons with disabilities, immigrants, black and indigenous communities, etc.

In an effort to make our coaching services accessible to everyone, low income clients only pay 10% of our normal fees.  This is made possible through the Clarity Foundation. 

More precisely, 25% of the profits generated by the paying clients (be it individuals,  corporate, or not-for-profits organizations). Are accumulated into funds. This fund is used to supplement the 10% paid by low-income clients. That way, clients paying our normal fees not only benefit from high-end coaching services, but they also contribute to the betterment of the entire community.